Make your own crystal essence!

Experience the magical vibrations of crystals and make your own crystal essence!

Crystals like flowers are living beings and each has their own special energy and frequency. Let yourself be guided by their beauty and connect with the one that calls you. We will make mandalas with them and learn how to program a crystal. There will be a variety of crystals from which your child can choose and we will explore how they work and what they can do to support him/her.

We will make an essence too which your child can take home and use whenever feels right.

What will your child get?

  • a fun and inspiring morning with exploring all types of crystals
  • his/her own little bottle of self made crystal essence to take home + the crystal
  • a deeper understanding about what crystals are and how they work
  • a small snack and drink

Age: 6 – 16/18

When: a sunny day in the weekend

Time: 10.00 – 14-00

Price: 65 €
Private: 75 €