Make your own flower essence!
Have fun connecting with flowers

This is such a beautiful way to connect with flowers and learn about them on a deeper level.

This workshop will be in the mornings when the flowers may still have some dew and are about to open. We will pluck the flowers we will feel attracted to intuitively and place them in a glass bowl in the full sun. In the meantime we will have fun creating our own personal labels for the bottles and learn more about the flower we have chosen. At the end of the morning we will have our own homemade natural medicine from nature!

If you prefer a more personal treatment in a quiet setting (1:1) you can also do a private workshop with you and you child.

What will your child get?

  • Her/his own personal flower essence to take home and to use whenever is felt needed
  • a fun and inspiring morning outside in nature with a small group of other children
  • learn how to connect with the flowers and plants and how they can help you feel better
  • a small snack and drink

Age: from 6 to 16/18

Where: a place that has a also facility to prepare the bottles and sit down to make the labels etc.

When: on a sunny day in the weekend and to be confirmed a few days before, it all depends on the weather.

Time: 10.00 – 14.00

Price: 60 €
Private: 70 €

And if it rains, no worries! We can go inside and do a fun workshop with crystals instead if your child wants. If not we can always reschedule a new date to work with the flowers.