My desire is
to help you find balance and happiness through nature

I am originally from the Netherlands and since I was a little child I have always felt very attracted to nature and all the beauty she offers. I remember especially the calming and grounding energies that come from the sea and forests when I visited them. But most of all it’s the flowers and crystals that have stolen my heart. For me they are living beings who are here to help us with their incredible beauty and healing vibrations.

My wish is to share this feeling with everyone, to connect them with the wonders of Nature and at the same time to bring back deep appreciation and love for Mother Earth.

Later when I grew up I moved to the South of Spain near Málaga to build a new life but it was not always sunshine. Being far away from my family and going through a  very difficult time was a lot easier to manage when I discovered the flower essences and crystals Their gentle and balancing healing vibrations calmed my emotions and supported me throughout the difficult times. A few years later I discovered how I could create my own life through the natural laws and the power of my mind. We absolutely have everything within us to change our lives!
This has been such a wonderful and inspiring discovery that I am very happy and grateful to be able to share this with you!
My educational


  • Intuitive Plant Medicine, One Willow Apothecaries, Asia Suler (2021)
  • Soulful Website Academy, Soulful Business and Web design, Eos Koch (2019)
  • Bach Flowers, level 1, Málaga (2011)
  • Balans in Jezelf, Balans in je Kind, FreeHappy Kids (2017)
  • Speltherapie, CIVAS (2013)
  • Introductory course to Feng Shui, The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain (2007)
  • Theta Healing Basic DNA, Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, Málaga (2019)
  • Channeling of Universal Energy, Level 1 and 2, Ashla (2012)
  • Los Niños de Hoy, Caminos al Ser, Nancy Erica Ortiz (2013)
  • El Niño como Síntoma, Caminos al Ser, Nancy Ortiz (2015)
Bring flowers and crystals
into your world!


Everything around and inside of us is energy. The beauty of Nature is that she is so wise and knows what you need by tuning into your frequency.
We are naturally attracted to crystals and flowers and will instinctively choose the ones we love which will often also be the ones we need to support us.

Please reach out if you would love to know more!

If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.

Vincent van Gogh