My experience with the Boronia flower essence.

Having negative and persistant thoughts? My experience with Boronia.

I am in the process of building my business and I know myself: I put high standards on myself and always want to finish what I had planned to do. But many times I don’t and then it starts….my mind tells me off and I beat myself up…..getting angry with myself and feeling guilty at the same time, terrible I know, but that’s me….

A few weeks ago it happened again. I could not stop my mind, was worried about all the things I had to do and thought I was not progressing enough and too slow with my business. I felt frustrated and the negative thoughts totally filled my head. So I got very tired of this happening every time I couldn’t keep my deadlines. It took all the fun energy away from creating.

I thought I desperately needed a flower essence! and went to have a look in my flower essence books to see which one could help me. There were a few but the beautiful soft purple-colored flower named Boronia Ledifolia was calling me the most.

It is said that the essence leads to clarity of thought and serenity of mind. It helps to release obsessive thoughts that keep repeating and flings these unwanted thoughts explosively from the mind. Just like seeds of the flower that will scatter when ripe.

To my surprise I discovered that I already had a little bottle of Boronia (amazing how the Universe always helps you!); so every morning and evening I took my drops until I felt that the thoughts were not bothering me anymore.

Then after a while, something interesting happened: I felt a shift on a deeper level, an awareness that my way of thinking had changed, permanently. There is this deep knowing that those thoughts would never bother me again and to realize this was such a beautiful experience!

Flowers have power, the vibrations of these soft and gentle beauties have such an enormous power that can help you grow so much on your spiritual journey.

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