The healing power of flowers

How flowers balance our emotions and heal us

The use of flowers for healing and health goes way back to the time before Christ, in some books it is even said that it goes even further to the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Nowadays more and more people are looking for natural and gentle ways of healing and using flower essences is a wonderful and unique way to treat specific emotional imbalances.

What are flower essences?

A flower essence also called a flower remedy, is the pure living energy of that flower held within water. Their essence is extracted by leaving the flowers for several hours in natural spring water in the sun. They are generally odorless and tasteless and are taken orally, although they can also be used topically on the skin for example.

How do they work?

Flower essences are vibrational remedies or ´energy medicine´ and they work on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels instead of on the physical body.

As you may know, disease itself is often the physical manifestation of emotional imbalances when you are not aligned to your true and Highest self. The positive thing about this is that an illness can point yourself back to the right path, and flower essences can help you with this. Their power lies in attuning to the emotion that needs to be balanced and replacing that emotion with the positive one; this way they can transform fear into courage, hatred into love, and insecurity into self-confidence.

The healing relationship between humankind and nature.

As a healing method flower essences can help to balance our energy and also to deepen awareness. In nature flowers often have the role of balancing and beautifying their surroundings and encourage us to simply be who we are – like every flower already does 🙂 – but which we humans find difficult because we feel blocked by certain emotional, physical or psychological, or energetic imbalances.

They help us to resolve unhealthy tension in our thoughts and emotions which can be the cause of a disease and this way they can prevent a possible illness.

If we are willing to live in present awareness it will make healing easier and more profound. The beautiful flower remedies are a catalyst to help to align your thoughts and patterns to who you truly are and what you are here to fulfill.

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